Northland Power develops, owns and operates clean and renewable power generation projects all over the world. Our facilities produce over 2,400 MW of electricity We’ve been in business since 1987, and we’ve been publicly traded since 1997.

Sustainability is a core value at Northland Power. All of our development efforts and operational practices focus on ensuring our ability to provide long term benefits to our customers, investors, employees, communities and partners.

Sustainability has many dimensions for Northland Power.

Environmental: Our company was founded on the belief that clean and green energy sources are vital to the future of our planet. We produce nothing else. Our construction and operational practices are engineered to meet the highest environmental standards, even in jurisdictions where lower standards are legislated.

Health and Safety: Ensuring our people have the knowledge, tools and time to work safely is Northland’s first priority. Our culture of safety, respect and independence helps to ensure we attract and retain the people we need to perform.

Operational: We maintain and reinvest constantly in our operating assets to achieve maximum efficiency and economic life.

Community: Northland takes an active interest in its host communities, to help ensure they remain vibrant, healthy places to live.

Financial: Northland Power consistently chooses long term success over short term gain. We only pursue projects that meet strict return thresholds and have creditworthy customers. As a result, we’ve paid stable monthly dividends since 1997.

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